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Our hotel carpets have been highly praised by hotel owners from over 50 different countries, thanks to their exceptional quality and limitless customisation options. We specialise in producing both Chromojet printed carpets and machine-woven Axminster carpets to meet the budget and size requirements of any hotel project.

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Foxflor has a wealth of experience and expertise to make the right hospitality carpet, at Foxflor, we are committed to providing unparalleled quality, unique and exquisite design, high-quality manufacturing and reliable professional service to meet every customer’s design needs , size, color and quality of unlimited custom hotel carpet. Let the customer’s hotel space be unique.

Our hospitality carpet, mainly have machine woven axminster carpet with 80% wool + 20% nylon blended yarn, 100% nylon printed carpet and hand tufted carpet, they are ideal solution for high traffic areas such as hotel corridors, lobbies, pre-function and meeting spaces. Different types carpets can meet customers’ different budgets for each project.

Foxflor Hospitality carpet, It be used on the hotel guest room, public places and corridors, Besides hotels ,we also provide hospitality carpets for cinemas, restaurants, casinos/Gaming, Stadiums, Convention Centers, cruise ships and Motels.

Hotel Guest Room Carpet

With elegant patterns and textures and rich colors, the hotel guest room carpet creates a comfortable and relaxing space for any hotel guests. Foxflor hotel Guest room carpet can be broadloom carpet or area rug. Choose different materials to meet different project budgets of customers.

Axminster guest room carpets use 80% new Zealand wool and 20% nylon blend yarn, because of the natural elasticity of wool material and the wear-resistant and fire-resistant performance of nylon materials, Axminster carpets are the ideal for hospitality carpet projects, Axminster carpet can be customized with any pattern, color, performance. Axminster Carpet can at least use 15 years.

At Foxflor, we can customize area rug in any shape, design, color and backing, we can provide customers with hand tufted area rug, printed area rug and axminster area rug. to meet different hospitality project budget.

Nylon printed carpet uses 100% nylon material, customers can choose different pile heights and densities, and can customize any pattern and color, fast delivery, fast make sample, very cost-effective hotel room carpet.

Hotel Corridor Carpet

Hospitality hallways and corridors are the areas with the largest traffic. Foxflor designs unique custom patterns and uses nylon or wool materials to meet the durability of hotel corridors.which can well hide stains and increase the service life of Hospitality carpets.

At FOXFLOR, We use 100% fire resistant and durable nylon material to produce the printed corridor carpets. It can custom any design to meet every hospitality project’s style. And this series have different thickness and quality can selection, to meet all projects’ budget.

Axminster carpet is the ideal solution for your heavy traffic areas like corridors, lobbies, pre-function and meeting spaces. We use the best 80% British wool or New Zealand wool and 20% Nylon 6.6.

A concept that has been popular in the hospitality industry in recent years, hotel corridors use Hospitality carpet tiles because they are easy to replace when the carpet is dirty or damage . Foxflor uses color point tufted technology to produce carpet tiles or carpet planks with high and low loop and unique patterns. The Hospitality carpet tiles’ quality and design are same to the broadloom carpets.

Hotel Public Area, Lobby & Ballroom

Foxflor is an excellent partner for your hotel’s public areas, lobby and ballroom, our Axminster carpet and hand tufted carpet will keep their beauty and performance for many years. Whether customizing a unique design, or a special carpet size, foxflor’s experienced design team and production department can bring unprecedented value to your property or resort.

Our Akminster carpets enhance the hotel’s brand through custom patterns that match the decor of the entire hotel. All carpet use 80% new Zealand wool and 20% nylon blend yarn.

Our area rugs can be fully customized in size, shape and design for hospitality properties. By using wool or blended materials, it is very suitable for the lobby or lounge area.

Usually the public area is a high traffic area in hospitality, it is also the first thing travelers catch on their eyes, it represents the image of the hotel, our hand-tufted carpets can perfectly interpret the business philosophy to travelers through custom unique designs and high-quality wool yarns.

Foxflor Value-Added Services

Unlimited Custom Services

Our Professional designer team can design any carpet pattern base on every hospitality project. You can also select the carpet yarn, or wool, or nylon, or other blend yarn. Even you can decide the carpet’s size and shape. In a word, Foxflor can leave your design on carpet, give clients highest degree of customization.

Unlimited Custom Services on carpet
Years of experience on manufacturing carpet

Years of experience

Foxflor has been designing and manufacturing hospitality carpets for 12 years, we have exported our hotel carpets to 50+ countries. We hope to bring stunning carpets to every hotel or resort with our rich carpet manufacturing experience and professional knowledge. We gain a lot of appreciation from our clients because of the quality and professional service of our carpets.

High Quality with Low Cost

At foxflor, Producing high-quality and environmentally friendly hotel carpets is the first principle. Whether it is ballroom carpet, hotel guest room carpet or hotel hallway carpets, we ensure that every piece of carpet that customers customize from us, The price is lower than peers at the same quality, and the quality is higher than peers at the same price level. We provide free sample service.

Unlimited Custom Services on carpet

Customers reviews

"Working with FoxFlor was a seamless and hassle-free experience. Their team was attentive and responsive, and they provided excellent communication throughout the entire process. The final product exceeded our expectations in terms of both quality and design."
Hotel Owner
"The quality of the carpets we received from this company was top-notch. They were durable, comfortable, and visually stunning, and our guests have consistently commented on how much they enjoy the look and feel of the carpets. We are grateful for the excellent service and outstanding product we received."
Sarah Beth
Hotel Purcher
"As someone who has worked in the hospitality industry for many years, I can confidently say that the carpets we received from this company are some of the best I have ever seen. The quality, design, and craftsmanship are all exceptional, and I am thrilled with the final product. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone in need of high-quality carpets for their business."
Hotel Owner
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