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Our carpet tiles have gained popularity among commercial customers in over 50 different countries due to their exceptional quality and diverse selection.We specialize in producing both solution-dyed nylon carpet tiles and custom printed carpet tiles.We offer a variety of sizes, materials, backing options, and qualities to meet the needs of every project requiring carpet tiles.

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At foxflor, we have sufficient experience and professional knowledge in office carpet, We already have cooperated with many well-known brands, such as Amazon, Vanke, Alibaba, etc.

Foxflor’s office carpet which use solution-dyed nylon or cheap polypropylene yarns, Our all commercial carpet tiles are designed for high traffic areas and can stay good looks, It’s wear harder and last longer than residential carpets.Our commercial carpet tiles have a wide range of options, including Removable carpet squares and Removable carpet planks. We have solution dyed nylon carpet tiles and nylon printed carpet tiles in any pattern to order. Of course, we also have luxury carpet tiles, and we will also consider some low-budget projects, It can use our high-quality, cheap polypropylene carpet tiles.

Our commercial carpet tiles can be used not only in office spaces, but also in commercial areas such as schools, libraries, cafes, gyms, airports, banks, etc.

General Work Area

The general work area of the office needs to withstand heavy traffic and the movement of office castor, so we use Highly durable solution dyed nylon and pp materials, and our commercial carpet tiles use loop pile construction make the business carpet have a good appearance.

Foxflor cheap carpet tiles use 100% pp material and pvc or asphalt backing, which are used in projects with a low budget. The selection of cheap carpet tiles is very wide. We have 50*50cm carpet tiles, 25*100cm carpet tiles, plain color carpet tiles, patterned carpet tiles.

Recently, the office space not only requires office carpets to be wear-resistant, but also to have beautiful and suitable patterns and colors to integrate the decoration of the entire office space to make the space more relaxed and relieve the pressure of high-intensity work of the staff.

For high-traffic office spaces, we recommend our solution-dyed nylon carpet tiles, which are extremely durable and fire resistant. Nylon carpet tiles are more colorful. We have more than 20 sets of nylon carpet tiles in different sizes, patterns, and qualities.

Meeting Room & Lobby

We generally use broadloom carpet or high-quality thick carpet tiles for meeting rooms, providing a refined look and luxurious effect. We generally use handmade carpet, machine woven carpet or colorpoint tufted carpet tiles.

Colorpoint tufted carpet is new carpet tufting technology that can produce rich pattern effect and higher density than ordinary carpet tiles. Foxflor uses the best nylon material and pvc backing, which is very suitable for use in meeting room.

If your project needs a stylish and modern look, Foxflor is your good choice, we have more than 50 sets of carpet tiles in different designs, colors, and sizes to choose.

With our Broadloom Axminster carpets, there are no seams, which gives meeting room carpets a better pattern. And any design can be customized.

Home Office Carpet

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, home office has become a trend, so it is necessary to consider the choice of home office carpet. It cannot have a long pile like a household rug, nor can it be of a very monotonous design. Therefore, foxflor specializes in the production of printed carpet tiles, and can customize any pattern to meet the design needs of users. All our home office carpets are loop pile

Low loop pile nylon carpet tile is very suitable for commercial office area, coupled with modern design, foxflor carpet tile is loved by many users.

Our Commercial carpet projects have been complimented by many reputed clients thanks to our use of the finest materials and wide selection of designs, sizes and backings. Our delivery time can be controlled within 2-5 weeks.

Foxflor printed carpet tiles use nylon material to print any pattern on the carpet tiles through inkjet printing technology. The color fastness is very high, and the color will not fade after 10 years of use. We have 50*50cm and 25*100cm sizes to choose . There are pvc, non-woven and pu backing.

Foxflor Value-Added Services

Rich products and various sizes

We have more than 30 sets of commercial carpet tiles in different designs and colors, and our sizes are 50*50cm, 25*100cm. Our biggest advantage is that we can customize carpet tiles, whether it is solution dyed carpet tiles or printed carpet tiles. We can produce according to customers’. Whether you’re in the hospitality, retail, or corporate industry, our diverse selection of square carpets ensures that we have a carpet that is perfect for your space. Contact us today to see how we can help you elevate your commercial space with our exceptional quality square carpets. original samples, and the same pattern uses less cost.

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Years of experience

Foxflor has been designing and manufacturing commercial office carpet for 12 years, we have exported our office carpets to 50+ countries. We hope to bring stunning carpets to every commercial space with our rich carpet manufacturing experience and professional knowledge. We gain a lot of appreciation from our clients because of the quality and professional service of our carpets.

High Quality with Low Cost

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that each square carpet is not only visually stunning but also durable and practical for high-traffic areas.Our solution-dyed carpet tiles offer superior colourfastness, ensuring that the colours remain vibrant and consistent even after years of use. Our printed patterned square carpets offer endless possibilities for design, with the ability to print intricate patterns and custom colours.

Customers reviews

"The quality of the carpet tiles I received from this company is top-notch. They are durable, easy to clean, and have held up well in high-traffic areas. The sales team was helpful and responsive, and made the entire process easy and stress-free."
Project Manager
"I was hesitant to purchase carpet tiles from an overseas supplier, but working with this company was a great decision. The product quality is excellent, and the company provided clear communication throughout the entire process, from the initial order to the final delivery."
Project Manager
"I appreciate the level of customization available when working with this company. They were able to provide me with carpet tiles in specific colors and patterns that perfectly matched my design vision. The quality of the product is impressive, and the installation was easy."
Project Manager
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