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Advantage of carpet tile

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Carpet tile is a type of carpet divided according to the laying method and shape specifications of the carpet. According to the size, the carpet tile have: 50*50cm, 100*100cm, 60*60cm 25*100cm(plank tile), also have some special shape like Hexagon and trapezoid. What are the advantage of using carpet tiles? Follow FOXFLOR to have a look.

1.Balance the indoor temperature

In winter, the square carpet can block the coolness from the ground and increase the warmth and comfort of the room; when the air conditioner is turned on in the summer, the insulation and barrier function of the carpet tile will prevent the low temperature in the room from being easily lost through the ground.

2.Easy to replace

Just take down the old carpet and put on the newly purchased carpet, which is really convenient and quick, but the replacement of wooden floor and full carpet is not so easy.

3.Comfortable and shock absorption

Stepping on the soft and elastic carpet, you will feel relaxed, comfortable, and reduce fatigue. There will be no tremor caused by frequent collisions between the hard floor and the sole. This is very helpful for workers who work for a day.

4.Clean and dustproof

Because the carpet surface is a dense pile structure, the dust falling from the air is absorbed by the carpet pile, preventing the dust from escaping, relatively reducing the dust content in the air, keeping the indoor air clean, and providing the company to employees Humanistic care.

5.Sound absorption and noise reduction

Carpets can absorb the echo noise in the room and reduce the reflection and transmission of sound through the ground and walls, which is also needed in office now.

6.Safe and non-slip

Walking on the square carpet, it is not easy to slip, and because of the soft elasticity of the carpet, it will greatly reduce the possibility of injury caused by falls, especially for the elderly and children, which can play a safety protection role.


Most of the carpet tiles are woven from natural fibers and man-made fibers, and the materials can be recycled without deforestation and environmental damage like the floor.

8.Decorate the environment

Now with the development of technology, especially the appearance of colorpoint machines, the carpet tiles have rich patterns and colors, coupled with professional dyeing methods, carpet tiles are not only used in office spaces, many hotels, but also gradually replaced wall-to-wall carpet with carpet tiles .

9.ease of delivery and installation

The size of the carpet tile determines that it is very easy to lift and transportation. The carpet tile usually uses pvc or asphalt backing, so the requirements on the ground are not so high, and the ground is not required to be self-leveling,it can be installed directly on the floor, don’t need the underlay.

10.Less wastage

carpet tile have minimal wastage when you install it, this is because it need very little cutting. Usually the wastage only have around 1-3%. Less wastage mean less money spent.

This article was originally on 2021-01-09.

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