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Custom Printed Carpet – Hopitality Carpet Usage

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Allen Bai

Sales Director at Foxflor

Printed carpet is a kind of machine-made tufted carpet. Printed carpet is made by inkjet

technology. By spraying the pre-mixed color paste on the blank textiles(White Carpet), you can

create gorgeous and exquisite patterns.

This type of machine-tufted carpet typically stored in the warehouse as white clean yarn and

then put to use after a custom order has been placed. After order placement, the white carpet is

set up on the Chromo-Jet Printing machine and is set to add the design. Then the dye injection by

using jets that are arranged in groups, almost like an office printer. Pressure provides the color

and design accuracy, penetrating the carpet pile while never touching the fabric. After design

completion, the carpet is steamed, washed, and dried all on this advanced machinery. As beautiful

of a finished design this machinery provides, dye can only penetrate the fibers to a certain depth.

The pile yarn normally receives an equivalency of 45-65% of dye absorption, which is why you can

still see the undyed white yarn close to the backing. After wear and tear, the carpet will flatten and

eventually expose more and more of the undyed yarns. However, this is why it’s considered best

for budget conscious projects and areas without heavy foot traffic.

FOXFLOR Printed Carpet Classification

Base on yarn material:

The printed carpets’ yarn materials used in foxflor factory include: 100% nylon and 80% new

zealand wool & 20% Nylon6.6 Blend yarn.

Base on carpet’s construction:

FOXFLOR’s printed carpet mainly have: flat cut pile, flat loop pile, High-low Loop and High-cut

Low-pile.Different carpet construction present different carpet surface effects and styles, which

greatly meet the customized needs of customers.

The main parameters of Printed carpet

We mainly introduce the carpet’s size, yarn material, pile weight, of printed carpet, these

parameters most affect the cost of printed carpet.


Because of the production technology of printed carpets, foxflor factory usually pre-produces

white carpets with a width of 4m and 3.66m, so the width of the printed carpet can only be these

two sizes, and then it is cut and spliced according to the actual size of the project to minimize

wastes.As for the length of the printed carpet, we can customize it according to the customer’s

requirements. For transportation and handling purposes, the length is generally 30m.

Pile Weight:

Pile weight is a direct reflection of the quality of printed carpets and one of the main factors

affecting the price of printed carpets. Usually expressed in G/M², it show how many yarn is used

in 1 square meter of printed carpet.

Foxflor Factory have different pile weight to meet any budgets’ projects.100% Nylon Flat Cut pile printed carpet have: 650G/M², 800G/M², 1000G/M², 1200G/M², 1400G/M

², 1600G/M²etc.

80% new zealand wool & 20% Nylon6.6 Flat Cut pile printed carpet have: 200G/M², 1400G/M²,


100% Nylon Flat loop printed carpet have: 1000G/M², 1100G/M², 1200G/M².

1000G/M² 100%Nylon High-Low Printed Carpet

1200G/M² 100%Nylon High-cut&Low-Loop Printed Carpet.

Yarn Material:

foxflor factory mainly have 100% nylon and 80% new zealand wool & 20% Nylon6.6 Blend


Inkjet printing carpet production technology and process

1.Design artwork

2.Adjust color Paste

3.Produce sample

4.Place white carpet on machine


6.Washing and steaming (fixed color)


8.Produced Finish

9.Quality check

10. Packed in roll prepare delivery

Printed carpet production process

Benefitsof Printed Carpet:

Lower lead times and order minimums

Inkjet Printing creates carpet designs onto blank textiles. Manufacturers don’t need to keep an

inventory of different colors and designs; instead, your chosen patterns and designs can be

created quickly and efficiently when you order. Foxflor for the printed order production time just

need 10-15days, for urgent order only need 7 days.

In comparison, carpets that use solution dyed nylon require the manufacturer to hold inventory on

popular designs in order to meet short lead times. If you prefer a non-standard color or pattern

you may experience extended lead times as the manufacturer looks to acquire the required yarn

and works your order into their manufacturing work flow.

Unparalleled design and pattern capabilities

Inkjet printing technology can print 48 colors, makes it possible to print a huge variety of colors

and color gradations onto your chosen carpet.So if you want carpet in your company colors, or to

perfectly complement your chosen palette, printed carpet offers the opportunity to personalize

your design choices, thanks to the technological capabilities that can’t be replicated with other

carpet types

Bright colors and high color fastness

Inkjet printing has strong permeability and can adhere firmly to the carpet surface. After using a

period of time, the color is still very delicate and bright.

Anti-static, anti-fouling, anti-mildew, anti-moth

Foxflor uses German-Bayer anti-fouling treatment and anti-static technology in carpets, which

eliminates the trouble of static electricity generated by chemical fiber carpets, making carpet

cleaning simple and easy, keeping the color as before, and greatly extending the service life of


Applications of printed carpets:

Foxflor’s printed carpets are commonly used in various public places, including hotel rooms,

corridors, banquet halls, casinos, cinemas, churches and other areas.

Depending on the project scope and budget, we can adjust the density to provide the maximum


For hospitality carpet,density will vary depending on the location of the carpet. For example, hotel

guest rooms receive little foot traffic and can therefore be produced in a lighter density. This also

saves money for the guest room carpet at any hotel. Most hotel rooms should consider

30oz.(1000g/m²)pile weight density, and sometimes 35.4oz. (1200g/m²) Less is not

recommended, and more can be considered overkill. Corridors should receive a minimum of 36oz.density, with 42oz. being better, but increases the budget. Meeting rooms and ballrooms should

receive 42oz. as a minimum standard.

Printed Carpet Specification:

We base on the 100% Nylon, pile weight 1200g/m2 as a example.

Description:Machine-Tufted Printed Carpet
Type:Inkjet Printed Carpet
Face Yarn:100% Nylon6
Width Available:3.66/4m or 12’/13’2’’
Construction:Level Cut
Tufting Gauge:1/10
Pile Height:8mm
Yarn Weight:1200g/m²
Primary Backing:Polypropylene
Second Backing:Action Back
Glue:BASF SBR Latex
Color Paste:Eco-friendly Paste
Fire Rating:GB8624-1997 B1 class
color fastness:3-4 class
This article was originally on 2024-05-13.

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Custom Printed Carpet – Hopitality Carpet Usage

Printed carpet is a kind of machine-made tufted carpet. Printed carpet is made by inkjet

technology. By spraying the pre-mixed color paste on the blank textiles(White Carpet), you can

create gorgeous and exquisite patterns.

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