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What is Axminster Carpet

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axminster carpet effect

In the hospitality industry, Axminster carpet is well known by builders and designers. Axminster carpet are the first choice for 5-star hotel. Because of it’s advantages of excellent wear resistance, fire resistance and less pattern restrictions, also it can also be customized according to the needs of the hotel side. However, many customers do not know much about Axminster carpet. Below we will introduce what is Axminster carpet from the following aspects:

Let’s Started!

Origins of Axminster carpet

The Axminster carpet is named by Axminster, a town in east Devon, England, and was first made in 1755 by Thomas Whitty. The early Axminster carpets were mostly hand-made and were deeply loved by local some rich people. The hand-made axminster carpets that were preserved at that time had a collection value that exceeded the value of the product itself. What we say axminster carpet today is machine woven axminster carpet. In 1930, an British named Harry Dutfield transformed the manufacturing process of Axminster carpet and developed a carpet loom, which just need small parts costs compare the hand-made axminster carept. But still obtain the same high-quality wear-resistant products, so axmindter carpet has become popular all over the world, becoming the first choice of carpet in the high-end hospitality industry.

Construction of Axminster carpet

Woven Axminster carpet refers to the knitting method of oriental carpets. After mechanically cutting the pile yarn to a specified length, it is cut and buried in the warp yarn layer of the carpet with a “U” or “J” shape . At same time, it is fixed by the weft yarn, so there will be no sinking yarn dragged on the back of the carpet. So each yarn of the carpet is fixed in specific location, Because axminster carpet unique weaving process that provides Axminster carpets with exceptional durability and appearance retention. Therefore, it is often used in high-traffic areas such as hotel corridors and banquet halls. Notyed Axminster carpet only have cut pile, don’t loop pile.

woven axminster carpet construction

The main parameters of Axminster carpet

We mainly introduce the size, yarn material, density and pile height of Axminster carpet, these parameters most affect the cost of Axminster carpet.

The size of Machine woven axminster carpet

The width of Axminster carpet’s width can be do 0.69m to 4m, the length is generally 30m. Usually we customize the width and length of the carpet according to the real size of the customer’s project, which can minimize the loss and pattern joint.

The material of axminster carpet’s yarn

Axminster carpet is mainly composed of pile yarn, warp yarn and weft yarn. Let’s see what materials they use!

axminster weaving machine
  • Pile Yarn

    As we know, wool is a natural protein fiber, The fiber have many advantages including : Excellent stain resistance, good elasticity, Best flame retardant performance and Anti-pollution, easy to clean etc.

    Nylon material is also called polyamide fiber. The fiber has the best abrasion resistance and is rigid. Nylon fiber has a compact macromolecular structure, anti-aging, good elasticity, and good dyeing of nylon fiber. It can be dyed with conventional dyes at room temperature with very bright color and good color fastness.

    So, Axminster carpets generally combine the advantages of the two materials and use nylon fibers and wool blends, which not only reflect the respective advantages of the two fibers, but also offset their respective shortcomings. Therefore, high-end woven Axminster carpet are generally mixed with 80% wool and 20% nylon to improve the quality, increase the abrasion resistance of the carpet, and prolong the service life.

    Foxflor factory develops different ratios of wool and nylon to meet customers’ different financial budgets and usage conditions, maily have these:

    80% U.K./New Zealand Wool & 20% Nylon6.6, this Specially enhanced thick yarn, carpet will more resilient and with better wear resistance.Especially suitable for heavy traffic areas, like casino, ballroom.

    50% wool & 50% Nylon6.6, this yarn have advantage: Get dry quickly,Better durability,Better elasticity,Less fluffing,Less smelly,Easier maintenance

    100% S /D Nylon, Completely solve the headache of fluffing,Waterproof and Get dry very fast,Bright colors appearance,Colorfastness to light and shampoo is excellent.
  • Weft Yarn Material:

    As an experienced hotel manager, we all know that bubbling occurs during the use of carpets and cannot be eliminated. In order to solve this problem, our company has done a lot of research and experimental work, in order to prevent customers from carpet bubbling during the use of carpets. Company purchased a PP weft yarn production line because this pp fiber is not absorbent, so the carpet is easy to dry after washing, and the dried carpet does not shrink or bubble, which can effectively change the use of traditional jute yarn (moisture regain 14%) , with high water absorption) easy to shrink, easy to foam quality problems.

Density and pile height of Axminster carpet

axminster carpet surface

In addition to the yarn material of Axminster carpet affecting it’s quality and price, the density and pile height of carpets are the most important and direct factors affecting its price and quality, so we must pay attention to it when choosing carpets. Unlike tufted carpet, we focus on the pile weight, in Axminster carpet our main concern is the density of the warp and weft yarns, usually expressed in terms of how many lines (needles) yarns are used in 1 inch, the warp yarns density are fixed at 7 lines ( needles) per inch, all machine woven axminster carpets are same, As for the weft yarn density, we can do 7-12 lines (needles) per inch according to customer’s budget. This directly determines the quality of the carpet.

Typically, hotel rooms use a 7×7 or 7×8 density. 7×9 and above thick carpet for office or hallway. The powerful 7×12 can even be used in high-traffic areas such as airports.

The pile height can be do 7-12mm, and different pile heights can be selected according to the customer’s usage area.
In the public area, the pile height of the carpet should not be too high. High density and low pile height are reasonable configurations. The suitable pile height is 7mm to ensure the lodging resistance of the carpet, and it is easy to wash and dry quickly. There have been customers who complained to us that their previous corridor carpets, the pile height are too high, and it was very inconvenient for hotel cleaning and service staff to use serving trolleys pushed.

In the hotel room area, can select a high pile, Provide comfort to guests。

The entire production process of Axminster carpet

16 colors axmnster loom machine
  1. Design artwork
  2. Preparing the yarn, precise dyeing
  3. High-speed weaving
  4. Pre-repair
  5. Glue
  6. Flat hair
  7. Quality check and accurate matching
  8. package

Color Selection of Axminster carpet

axminster carpet color selection

Machine woven Axminster Carpet 80% wool / 20% anti-static nylon blended yarns are pre-skein dyed to allow full penetration of the yarn color in the carpet. That means, that even when the pile yarn is on the side, the same color appears all the way to the ground. This will make the color field look more even than with superficially printed carpets.

Up to 16 colors are possible for the color selection in Foxflor axminster, The special weaving technique enables full design freedom for the designer. Using the most advanced high-speed Axminster looms, it is possible to produce highly complex and creative designs in up to 16 colours and multiple widths. With such manufacturing flexibility and versatility, each custom Axminster rug produced is truly unique and a wonderful expression of the designer’s creativity.

Initial design concepts are assessed by our design and planning teams to create detailed technical drawings, illustrating how the design fits together and where each full roll element should be installed.

Advantages of Axminster carpet

  • The excellent dimensional stability in dry and wet conditions
  • Complete design freedom
  • Flexible manufacturing, different designs, different sizes, different densities and pile heights, and different materials can be customized according to customer needs
  • Excellent durability and appearance retention
  • B1 class fire performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good sound absorption properties
  • longer service life
  • Little or no cross joining. Reduced installation time and seaming costs
  • clear pattern
design axminster carpet install effect

The Price of Axminster carpet

Usually the factory calculates the cost of axminster carpets, mainly considering the quantity of the order, the number of colors and the size of the actual carpet area, so if you need to buy axminster carpets for your property, it is best to provide these parameters to the factory in detail, convenient The factory calculates the exact price. Usually carpets cost between 18-40usd per square meter.

How to maintain the axminster carpet

Carpets are textiles, the only textiles that people transfer directly to the ground to walk on from various external environments. It has the advantages that any paving materials such as stone, wood, steel, plastic products can never achieve, but it is not as clean as other materials, so easy to maintain, just like the selection of carpet quality and color, Regular, planned and frequent maintenance of carpets is very important. Dust can stain the carpet, making it less attractive, and it can also wear down the carpet. The dust left by walking will be the lodging and deformation of the carpet pile yarn, and the embedded sand will wear the surface of the carpet fiber and cause the carpet to lose its resilience. Planned and scientific cleaning and maintenance of carpets is the key to achieving or extending the life expectancy of carpets.

Daily maintenance

  • Vacuuming:
    Vacuuming is the most basic task of carpet maintenance and must be done every day. Carpets are wool textiles, and after the shearing process, it is normal for a small amount of floating hair and shearing heads to appear when the new Axminster carpet is used, so the new carpet should be vacuumed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, and the floating hair after a month. phenomenon can be eliminated.
  • Carpet Cleaning:
    Regularly washing the carpet in different areas can restore the original appearance of the carpet and prolong its service life. There are two basic methods of carpet cleaning, one is dry cleaning and the other is wet cleaning. Whichever method you choose to wash your carpets, it should only be done by professionals who are well trained for the job.
  • Part stain removal method:
    During the use of the carpet, due to human reasons, local pollution of the carpet is caused. Once the carpet is found to be contaminated, it should be treated immediately to remove it. Most stains are not permanent stains if treated properly.

Specific Axminster carpet maintenance we will detail in another article.

More Axminster Carpet Products

  • In recent years, we have developed axminster carpet tiles, the carpet surface is Axminster carpet, we add non-woven soft back, the size can be 50cm or 100cm.
  • Our worker by hand caved the carpet to make the carpet have a three-dimensional 3d effect.
  • The combination of Axminster carpet and hand-tufted carpet,By adding bright yarns to give Axminster carpets a different visual effect.
  • Axminster Area rug, can customized the size and add the cotton back and edge.

Final conclusion

Because of axminster carpet extremely durable, easy-to-clean, natural flame retardant properties and variety of colors and designs,make axminster carpet be the perfect floor covering for almost any area of a high-end property.

In any respect, its performance is better than tufted carpet, if you have this need, please contact foxflor.

This article was originally on 2022-11-06.

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axminster carpet effect
What is Axminster Carpet

Machine woven axminster are popular on luxury hospitality industry, with extremely durable and natural flame retardant properties. Let’s explor what is axminster carpet?

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