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Carpet tiles vs Vinyl tiles: Which the best choice for office flooring?

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Allen Bai

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If you want to replace your office floor, you must be confused, should I choose carpet tile or vinyl? For friends who do not know the respective advantages and disadvantages of these two products, it is really difficult to make this choice.

In this article, I will start these following topics. Before we compare them, we first need to know what are carpet tiles and vinyl tiles?

1.What’s carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles also named carpet squares, it is cut wall-to-wall carpet into square shape, or rectangles, and then each carpet tiles is attached with a different backing. It can be installed in a variety of creative ways to achieve different design effects. Current popular sizes of carpet tiles are 25100cm and 5050cm. Of course, Some manufacturers will cut carpet tiles into hexagons or triangles to meet the unique design needs of designers. Carpet Tiles back is mainly is pvc, asphalt and pu, which is more comfortable than the backing of wall-to-wall carpet, these characteristics determine the carpet tiles, delivery and install is very convenient.

The vast majority of carpet tiles on the market today are made from synthetic nylon and polypropylene. Of course, some suppliers can also customize wool carpet tiles for you.

2.What’s Vinyl tiles?

Vinyl tiles is a type of vinyl flooring, it’s a resilient flooring product made of polyvinyl chloride. vinyl tiles is rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, mainly have 3 types. stone-polymer composite (spc), wood-polymer composite (WPC), and standard rigid core.

The vinyl tiles’ structure usually is : the topmost layer is transparant UV layer, which can prevent discoloration caused by bacteria and UV rays in the floor, the next layer is a wear layer, which can protect the floor from wear and tear, and protect the design layer below, The thicker of wear layer, the higher the price and the better the quality. Underneath the wear layer is the print layer, which gives the floor a wide variety of stunning patterns that mimic real wood or stone. The bottom layer is the core layer, if you add calcium carbonate it is spc, if you add wood powder it is wpc, and finally is the base backing layer, some manufacturers also add IXPE underlayment can sound absorbent.

3.Compare carpet tiles and vinyl tiles from cost

When you are considering which floor to choose, you will definitely consider their cost. According to our experience, their material cost is basically the same, you can buy two kinds of floors for the same price. The only thing to consider is their paving cost.This is caused by the complicated installation process when you want to install the carpet tiles on your office. You have to consider this factor when you want to choose the best tiles for your office. In terms of cost, you may want to choose the vinyl tiles because they are cheaper than the carpet tiles. 

4.Compare carpet tiles and vinyl tiles from design

Carpet tiles main by dyeing and tufting, Now there are so many amazing carpet tile designs from every manufacturer, and thanks to the printing technology, you can customize your own ideal design on carpet tiles.

The pattern of vinyl tiles is primarily determined by the printed layer, which can be any pattern, so many manufacturers replicate the look of natural materials such as stone, wood, and ceramic tile. And now because vinyl tiles are thicker and production technology has advanced, you can hardly tell the difference between natural materials and vinyl tiles.

5.Compare carpet tiles and vinyl tiles from maintain

First of all, vinyl floors are made of polyvinyl chloride, and he is void-free, so he is completely waterproof, so whether it is oil or others dirty, you are very easy to clean.

Carpet tiles, if it’s just some scraps of paper or dust, you just need to use a vacuum cleaner, if it’s oil, coffee stains, etc. you need to use a carpet cleaner, or replace a carpet tiles. Finally, because of the structure of the carpet tiles, dust will sink into the into of the carpet tiles, so you need to clean it regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria.

6.Compare carpet tiles and vinyl tiles from Functions

Due to its construction, carpet tiles are comfortable on the feet and provide excellent thermal insulation, especially the bottom, as the carpet tiles retain warm air and the carpet tiles absorbs sounds for a quieter and more efficient work environment.

Vinyl tiles does not have the same foot comfort as carpet tiles, which is determined by the structure of the Vinyl flooring, but wpc is more comfortable than other floors because of the addition of wood powder. Now many manufacturers add IXPE sound insulation pads under the floor, to reduce noise on certain extent.

7.Compare carpet tiles and vinyl tiles from installation

If you are installing carpet tiles directly on top of concrete. The first thing to do is to keep the ground flat, dry and free of dust, then apply carpet tiles special glue on the entire site, then lay carpet tiles according to the designed paving method. The same is required for vinyl tiles. Loose lay vinyl tiles now very easy to install.

If it is on the floor or tile, you can stick the carpet tiles to the four corners of the square carpet.Vinyl Tils also can directly install.
So now install the carpet tiles is very easy, you can diy instally them, only you see the install video.

8.Compare carpet tiles and vinyl tiles from Durability

Durability is also a very important factor in choosing the right floor for the office, generally vinyl Tiles will last longer, even 20 years with proper installation, but this is also based on choosing a high-quality floor, Very thick wear layer. Same carpet tile is also very durable if properly maintained, 10-15 years is no problem. But it is all based on the selection of high-quality products.

In addition, they are very easy to replace. If any single piece is damaged, you can only replace the damaged piece. This requires the vinyl tiles is loose lay or glue-down rather than click-and-lock mechanism. So when you order them, you need order more is convenient for future replacement.


Ultimately, either option has its benefits and disadvantages; there is no right or wrong choice here. It will depend not only on the specifications of your business but on your own personal tastes and inclinations. Of course in a modern office, which is open plan and where consideration is given to zoning and or where the designer is mind-full of activity based workplace trends, there is every chance both types of floor covering will be considered. Carpet tiles or planks and vinyl planks or stone effect tiles can now seamlessly transition, creating effective way-finding, activity zones or just simply a stunning design.

This article was originally on 2022-06-16.

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